Storytelling Through The Eyes

One of the qualities within a film that I have learned is most essential and effective would be visual story telling. From what I have learned, the quality of your visual story telling can either make or break your film. Storytelling without words is not easy. Therefore, looking for the right techniques through good advice from experienced filmmakers is one of the best ways to learn how when you do not attend film school.


An article from DSLR Guide, titled Visual Storytelling in Filmmaking, describes the importance of this part of film.”Too often, we rely on a narrator to tell the story, or have characters awkwardly explain things to each other so the audience can understand…The key is to be on the look out for better ways to tell the story, and this often means using visuals.” The reasons why is because without dialog, actually showing the meaning of the story will give the film more room to add more purpose for dialog and make the actual visual meaningful. This also expands the value of the entire film through providing effort and artistic quality within giving the audience a visual experience instead of only having dialog.

There are several techniques to use to give a film a good visual story including visual emotion, visual plot, framing and lighting, design, costume, and location, and symbolism. All of these things take a great part in the process of telling a story.

For example, a scene comes up on your television screen with a girl dressed in formal black clothing, crying with a tissue at hand wiping her tears, while holding a rosary, in a church, not saying a word, with bright light shining through the buildings doors and windows. What would be your first thought or feeling of what is happening here? Why would you think or not think any of these assumptions? This is probably due to the key points and supporting evidence that give you the spark to your thought process and then lead to these conclusions. this is a form of symbolism because of the indication of a rosary representing religious practices that might lead to many events that happen with it including prayer, celebration, or mourning of ones death. This is a form of visual emotion because the girl is crying wiping her tears with a tissue indicating that the feeling of the scene is sorrow. This is also a form of location since it is in a church and then an indication through costume due to her formal black clothing representing an important event. These things can all lead to this young girl mourning the death of someone close to her. Actually, it can mean whatever you think it could, but within more than one scene one can indicate a single meaning of the story if it is done adequately.

Here is a video from DSLR Guide to help fully understand what I mean by story telling:

Visual storytelling can better enhance a film in the artistic appeal for the audience. In using good visual storytelling, the audience is given a chance to cognitively make sense of the motion picture making the overall experience much more amusing and entertaining.




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