A Message From The Screen

One of the main reasons film has been of interest to me is due to my significant and unbalanced personality traits and thought processes. I am interested, inspired and moved by so many different things in the world and it becomes too difficult for me to choose one thing to get my self involved in for the rest of my life. Yes, I have tried choosing and pursuing a single career that I felt was most meaningful to me; but I did this about a thousand times until i realized I am never going to only want to be a part of one aspect of providing help to the world in some way. I have considered nursing, social work, community advocate, teacher, working for a non-profit, fire fighter etc. I jump to different things and can never seem to grasp and stick with a single one. This issue along with my need to use my creativity and passion for arts have also contributed to this challenge in finding a career path. However, once I tried thinking out of the box I realized how much I loved film and as I put together the reasons for this love of film together I then came to see that it is because film comes in multiple forms that leaves room for ambiguity as well as artistic messages to the world.

The most important goal for my aspirations is to contribute something good and helpful to the world and this is brought out in several ways within film. These contributions to the world include inspirational messages, awareness of important controversial issues in the world or society, educating the public in simpler forms to gain understanding of complex ideas and occurrences to society, creating and providing memories to be reviewed in the future and many more. There are so many things that can be done with film that actually help the world in different ways.

pursuit of happiness

The potential that film has in terms of the impact it can have on people can also be seen through its reputation in the past. From a post on TheHuffingtonPost.com Titled, “Films Can Help Change the World,” by a director of Vulcan Productions, Bonnie Benjamin-Phariss, says, 

“Film has the capacity to change the world. Since projectors first blasted black and white images onto the big screen, film has been a powerful force in the human experience. Film introduces us to worlds we never knew existed. Strangers become people we recognize. Unknown places become locations we long to go. Unfamiliar ideas suddenly have context” and that it is “an ideal catalyst for change.”

For example, inspirational, eye opening, and educational movies such as, “Forest Gump,” a 1994 American comedy-drama film based on the 1986 novel of the same name by Winston Groom, “Gifted Hand: A Ben Carson Story,” screen play by John Pielmeier,  or “The Pursuit of Happiness,” directed by Gabriel Muccino.

There are thousands of movies that can move ones emotion in different ways and also educate in amusing ways to help people understand and be interested in certain things that we need people to be involved in to better improve themselves as individuals and the world as a whole.


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