Careers in The Film Industry: Which role would be best for you?

A career in the film industry has always sparked my interest and there are very detailed behind the scenes and tech roles that come into play withing film in which I find most interesting. There are several different areas in the industry to choose from that play important parts in the making of a film. If you were to think of the last film you saw in theaters or even an indie movie you saw online or D.V.D. you probably saw maybe to first few seconds of the credit roll and zoomed away from the screen because, well, those credits are pretty lengthy. However, this is how you know how many people had put in their effort within their particular specialty to create the film. It takes a lot more than just a camera guy actors and a director to produce a good movie. According to an article by Tyler A. King from, “Major motion pictures are massive undertakings, moving through the processes of development, pre-production, principal photography, and post-production. The average film crew can easily swell into the hundreds, and even thousands, for mega-budget movies.” Thus in order for one to understand each role and/or choose a career that suits you best within the film industry it is best to take a look at a chart provided by

Film career chart

There are over 173 job roles in film industry and other than the mainstream positions like Directing, and Production, others have just as much vitality and also pay well while still fulfilling your artistic aspirations. Since there is such a wide variety of jobs within this industry, it would be much easier to figure out where to fit yourself into through narrowing down what interests you most whether it be the performance aspect of film, production, directing, screen setup, makeup artist,music scorer, editing, voice over, or any other tech job that is used in filmmaking.

The salary for working in film averages up to $80k or more. However, these wages can vary depending on the movie, location, or company you are working under. According to the website,, titled “Jobs in Film: Average Salary and Career Paths,” the author, Zeke, explains that “some professions are predominantly conduced on a freelance or self-employed basis which can result in wide margins, and location can also constitute a big varying factor.” 

The type of work you incorporate within your job role also varies depending on many factor of your project as well. the article titled, Where Do You Fit in the Film industry? Shows that “crews, and therefore the departments they work in, vary widely depending on the needs of the film. We’ve put together a chart of the most common roles; consider this an introductory guide to the average studio motion picture.”

These salaries can be seen at any of these websites as well as a description in the tasks and conditions that each job role entails. Every role within the industry is just as important as the next, however some will have a higher pay scale than others.


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