Dream For a Living

There are several important pieces of advice that you can gain from experienced filmmakers and directors in the film industry. Many of which pertain to the techniques in casting, screen writing, equipment, editing, and any other aspects of making a film, are all undoubtedly vital in succeeding in one’s production. However, there is one very important piece of advice in which I have learned from one respected director that I admire, Steven Spielberg, that I have found to be most beneficial and essential to know because it pertains to the why rather than the how of film making.

About four years ago at the Academy of Achievement, Steven Spielberg gave a speech providing a few words of advice for aspiring directors and film makers. He began with the most inspiring response to the question asking “Why do you do this?”  He could only explain in the most genuine form by replying with, “I dream for a living.” What he meant by this is that he followed his passion and he is doing what he loves to do everyday as his occupation. He adds to this by telling young film makers and probably to any other person finding their passion, to do what makes you happy. However, he goes on to say that this particular passion that you are searching for to pursue as a career, might not be so clear, but it is something that is engraved in you. It is only found when you really listen to that one love for something that makes you so painfully compelled to do the most in life. As he tells his upcoming directing story he says, “When you have a dream, it doesn’t always come at you screaming in your face ‘This is what you are. This is what you are going to be for the rest of your life.’ Sometimes a dream almost whispers…The Hardest things to listen to, your instincts, your personal intuitions, always whispers. It never shouts.”


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The connection that I am making with the advice from Spielberg is that as a student aspiring a career in the film industry, I feel that it is important to first have a foundation for desire and passion for what it is you are going to do in life. With this foundation, it will be difficult for you to give up. You will be determined to reach the goals within that career because that is who you are. With that, great outcomes with occur and you will be motivated to learn and work your hardest for this.

There are many directors that speak to audiences of aspiring filmmakers through their own personal stories that make the journey to their career so unique that I have come across on Filmmakeriq.com. For example, Disney Director, Imagineneer, animator George Scribner tells his story about his journey through his career. However these stories all narrow down to their first moment of that “whisper” they had leading them to the particular love they had for something in which Spielberg was explaining.

You can view the advice of different legendary directors here

Interview with George Scribner Source of interview with George Scribner

The most essential thing that you must know when beginning your path to a career in the world of film is that you must  first obtain the love and the genuine desire to pursue it and possibly “dream for a living” just as Spielberg is.


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