Film Scoring

There is a particular aspect of film that has sparked my interest in cinema which plays a very important role in the production of a film: Music. Of course,there are several details that take great part in what makes a movie good, but one component I find hits home for me when watching a good movie is the music. A perfect song or sound effect that accompanies a hard hitting scene emphasizes the entire feeling of the story.

In a CBC Music blog titled What makes a great film score? Brad Frenette posted answers of the composers at TIFF 2015 on the question, what makes a great film score? There was one answer by Jóhann Jóhannsson, composer, Sicario, that I could relate to. “A film score should enhance the atmosphere and the mood of the film and help create the world of the film. And help the narrative along. It should ideally be a character in the film. It should be as much of an element in the film as the cinematography, the costume design, the set design and the acting. A score should also work on its own as a piece of music. Not simply something that works within the film. Ideally it should stand on its own as well. I try to do that, but I’m not sure if I’ve succeeded.” I highly agree with Jóhannsson’s thoughts on the ability that music has on the entirety of a film. It is in fact important for a film score to support the mood of the story as well as improve the value or quality of the film. It is definitely its own role in the film that is so vital that without it, the movie would have a completely different outcome. However, it should also be able to set off that feeling without the motion picture intact. Although I certainly have a lot to learn within film education and film culture, a good film score to me is a piece that can give people a powerful feeling without a movie playing. Good Music that has the ability to cause a person to create their own story or movie in their head, helps to bring a movie to a different level when it is used as a film score.

You can view the entire CBC Music post here

A very well influenced part of film where music comes into play is also music videos. For example, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Video in 1983 directed by John Landis. This was the first world premiere video on MTV and it showed to have a great affect on pop music culture and was the most influential music video of all time.

John lanids

Michael Jackson and John Landis Photo Source

An article on The Guardian “How Michael Jackson’s Thriller Changed Music Videos Forever” the subtitle listed, “The John Landis-directed mini-movie – first shown publicly 30 years ago this week – influenced a generation of directors including Spike Jonze, turned music promos into an industry, and established MTV as a cultural force.” This shows how much impact the fusion of film and music together can have on the world of directors, film makers and musicians. This merge inspired many people and brought both parts of film and music to a whole other level.

You can view the entire Guardian Article Here


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